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Welcome to Ultra Countertops
of Santa Barbara!

2012 marks our 19th year as the Santa Barbara area's leading fabricator/ installer of custom solid surface acrylic countertops and showers. As DuPont-certified fabricators, we specialize in Corian - DuPont's original solid surfacing product, now available in more than 100 colors and patterns

We also offer other fine solid surface products, such as those manufactured by LivingStone Solid Surface and LG Hi-Macs.

Our business partners include kitchen and bath designers, property management firms, home builders, and cabinet makers.

We've also worked on one-of-a-kind projects with artists, sculptors, musicians, dentists,   do-it-myself-ers, RV owners, mobile home owners, boat owners, pet owners, plus...
...a butcher, a baker, and a skateboard maker

So, if you're thinking new countertops, come see us. We've got answers to your questions,  color samples, and more. And when we make your new kitchen countertop(s) from Corian or any other solid surface, we'll throw in a cutting board as part of the deal.

For a no-cost estimate, just give us your countertop dimensions (length and width/  depth), color preference, and sink choice, and we'll send you a quick quote via fax, email, or by phone.

The benefits of solid surface include:
  • seamless integration with sinks and splashes
  • non-porous - high stain resistance
  • naturally hygienic
  • easy to clean
  • low maintenance
  • durable
  • repairable and renewable
Corian Rosemary kitchen countertop
Corian Rosemary countertop

Corian® is the real deal, the original solid surface acrylic introduced by DuPont in 1967. Today, Corian continues to prove its versatility and long-lasting appeal. Solid surface acrylic can be molded, cut, drilled, routed, sculpted, stretched, and seamlessly glued into practically anything your imagination can conjure up.  Because Corian keeps its integrity all the way through, nicks, cuts, marks, and scratches can be buffed out, and original appearance, restored. Its beauty, durability, and long-term performance make Corian an exceptional value. 

Corian Aztec Gold shower with tile inlay (2008)
Corian Aztec Gold shower with tile inlay

We enjoy helping people create beauty inside their homes and businesses. Whether that comes as a 75 sq ft showcase kitchen countertop or a small bathroom vanity, we are honored to be part of the process.

To our loyal repeat customers, and to our new customers who call or come by on the word of a friend, a neighbor, or family member - thank you. Not only are you an important part of our business, your trust becomes an important part of who we are. And we never take it lightly.

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