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Questions and answers

What is Corian, exactly?
Corian is the original, non-absorbent, non-porous, solid surfacing product composed of the mineral aluminum trihydrate and acrylic resin. In its standard thickness of 12mm (0.47"), one sq. ft of Corian weighs 4.4lbs, or 1.996kg.

Where are the seams in my Corian countertop? Are you trying to trick me?

Heavens, no. We're not that clever. Corian's patented color-matched joint adhesive effectively fuses separate distinct pieces of Corian into one. The fabricator applies the adhesive and clamps the pieces together. If you'd like to see this fascinating process yourself, come by the shop. Join the fun. These little demonstrations get crowded sometimes, so you might want to call first. When a big crowd shows up, we serve refreshments.

Does Corian need some kind of protective sealant?
Sealant? Perish the thought. The non-absorbent nature of solid surface makes it highly resistant to food and household chemical stains, as well as to mildew, mold, bacteria, and germs. That's one reason you'll find Corian in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other health care facilities. Commercial kitchens, too, because Corian is NSF/ANSI 51 Certified as safe for contact with food of all types.

Is Corian heat-proof?
Heat-resistant, but not heat-proof. Corian remains stable and undamaged up to 212ºF (100C). Direct exposure to higher temps will damage any solid surface countertop. You can protect your Corian countertop simply by setting hot cookware on trivets, hot pads, or heat absorbing metal rods. In many cases, heat-damaged Corian can be repaired.

What about colors? How many are there and where can I see them?

As of Jan 16, 2012, Corian offers 108 colors - from lights to darks, in solids and swirls. You can view the full Corian color palette online at http://www2.dupont.com/Surfaces/en_US/products/corian/pr_corian_colors.html   Better yet, drop by our showroom and look at the real thing. We've got hundreds, even thousands, perhaps millions, of Corian color chips, trivets, cutting boards, partial sheets, and full sheets. This place is a Corian wonderland.

What's the best way to clean Corian?
DuPont recommends soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner. The Corian website has more about cleaning, including a video, in its, "Caring for Corian" section.  You can watch the same video, plus other Corian-related videos on YouTube, as well.

Do you also carry Corian sinks?
Do you mean those awesome, durable, easy to clean, enormously popular, Corian sinks that seamlessly integrate into bath and kitchen countertops? Why, yes, we do. We also carry porcelain sinks for bathroom vanities, as well as 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel kitchen sinks. Thanks for asking:)

Jan 25, 2012 - More exciting, thought-provoking Qs and As to follow in the days ahead.

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