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For your convenience, the following PDFs can be downloaded from our website:

  • Corian Residential Warranty
  • Effects of Health Care Disinfectants on Corian
  • Corian in a Laboratory Environment
  • Eng Spec-Data, from DuPont's, Geneva, Switzerland branch (2009). Seven pages of Corian-related engineering specifications, test results, and fascinating information about Corian's resistance to various chemicals. Who among us has never secretly wondered what hydrofloric acid, picric acid, or nitric acid might do to Corian? Read and learn, my friend. And try to keep embalming fluid off your countertops:)

  • Technical Bulletins - Corian-related PDFs, including the four shown above, plus MSDS, NSF/ ANSI-51 compliance, and other technical information.
  • My Room Designer, an interactive, step-by-step design tool. Choose one of the six kitchen layouts, add cabinet, wall, and countertop colors to get an idea of how well they work together. 
  • Keidel Plumbing's informative consumer guide to solid surface.
  • Preventing Moisture Problems in Bathrooms (downloadable pdf) by noted kitchen and bath designer Mary Jo Peterson. Excellent information, detailed illustrations. Highly recommended reading.

(FYI - Adobe Reader, a whopping 51MB download, is not required to view PDFs. A number of smaller, faster, free PDF readers can be found on reputable download sites such as snapfiles and cnet's download.com
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